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Our IoT Solution is divided into 3 categories: E-Series / M-Series / C-Series. These solutions are practically usable to conduct safety management onsite such as measurement sensors for bridges and tension measurement sensors, elevator wire sensors, drive chain measurement, and concrete curing strength measurement sensor.

Self-Developed Sensor

SmartInside AI’s self-developed smart sensor that can integrate with our self-developed AI solution introduced earlier. Our sensors can recognize and respond to accidents such as concrete cracks in advance for construction companies and owners, managers, and responsible individual to check data and prevent safety disasters.

IoT Solution, which is divided into 3 categories, is not only used in bridges, tunnels, slopes, and elevators, but also include concrete curing strength measurement items in general construction sites.

Due to IoT solution standardization of the construction site, this enables stakeholders to manage onsite more easily by focusing more on safety, safety management, and building deteriorate diagnosis. Our sensors integrate with existing construction methods which does not add any additional cost problems to safe construction procedure.


Steel Bar Measuring Sensor for FCM Bridge Construction
PSC Tendon Measurement Sensor
Earth Anchor/Rock Bolt Measurement Sensor


Wire Rope (Elevator/Construction Equipment) Measuring Sensor
Temporary Structures (Scaffolding, etc) Mobile phone NDT Device
Drive Chain (Escalator) Measurement Sensor


Piezoelectric IoT Sensor for Measuring Concrete Curing Strength