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Construction Site Safety Management AI

Image/Video Analysis based construction site danger judgement method AI

Our Safety Management Solution uses various methods and recent algorithms to secure the highest level of field application accuracy that can also integrate with the existing system and provide comprehensive safety management based on real-time notification and send notification
Our AI technology proved high accuracy in various construction sites including large scale construction projects due to collaborating with major construction corporation on onsite video/image learning process. By delivering prompt and accurate results to stakeholders that AI provides, it can prevent accidents and analyzes to find the cause of the accident in the post processing phase.

Concrete Crack Diagnosis AI

Innovative Safety Solution that incorporates drone
image/video techniques to perform diagnosis in safer environment

Most of the structures are built very sturdy using concrete, but they are nevertheless subject to continuous operational management.

If deteriorating building’s crack are not recognized and repaired in advance, severe building collapse accident can occur that could cause massive damage and injure numerous of victims on the building.

Concrete Crack Diagnosis AI is a solution that performs crack diagnosis based on captured images and videos of high-rise buildings or exterior walls of large structures.

Concrete Crack Diagnosis AI is designed to suggest an efficient supplementary method by photographing and analyzing high-rise and large buildings that cannot be seen with naked eye and predicting the level of internal structural cracks only with external wall cracks.

Furthermore, our self-developed Concrete Crack Diagnosis AI can be called a breakthrough safety solution that can diagnose the problem in a safer environment with our drone-based image processing technique than the onsite direct image process.

Power Equipment Safety Diagnosis AI

Learning from normal and abnormal data and then
accurately judge the situation and report reliable results to the user

Various power facilities including utility poles, are heavy and carry electric current which can potentially lead to higher chance of a severe accident than minor accident.

Onsite workers need more accurate and rapid safety diagnostic solution because all decisions are made based on the observer’s experience to judge and proceed as a diagnostic method.

Our Power Facility Safety Diagnosis AI reports reliable high result to the user based on the fast and accurate judgement the AI learns from various normal and abnormal data.

Aquila Engine, the AI Championship Korea KEPCO assignment award winning AI solution has proven the competence of the technology as the AI quickly learned and provided the onsite image and video analysis in the public competition.

Proposing low-cost solution such as reduction of control manpower and labor cost strategy

After diagnosis, the user can log in to server for access the data and check the report (result).

The diagnosis result can identify the type of damage required by the user with the highest priority through the classification of abnormalities and defects, and accidents can be prevented through quick response and supplementation.

Furthermore, our Power Equipment Safety Diagnosis AI can offer low-cost solutions such as reduction of control personnel and labor cost strategies possibilities by securing reliable results.